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Below you become familiar with the idea of our vouchers and the rules of purchase. 

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4 seasons voucher for all Jordan Group services
We encourage you to purchase a value voucher for all Jordan Group services. Within one year of the date of purchase you can use this voucher for accommodation, gastronomy, Spa&Wellness services, car-wash, transport services, space rental, conference services, organizing of event and touristic offer.



Thank you for your support
You determine the value of the voucher or by consulting with our sales specialists. If you want to talk about voucher, let us know, we will call you back as soon as possible. By purchasing 4 seasons vouchers you will help us to reactivate after a pandemic, which is very difficult time for.

E-mail: individuals@jordan.pl
T: +48 12 354 59 46

Value of the voucher 
The value of the voucher to be will always be 15% higher than the amount you paid for it. Take advantage of this unique opportunity!

Implementation of the voucher 
To use voucher, you only need to generate it. The implementation of voucher is possible only after presenting it in electronic form or printout while booking and before using of services.


Gift voucher 
You can order special and elegant form of voucher, which you can use as a gift. We will prepare it and sent by courier. It will be great gift and souvenir for someone special. If you order a decorative voucher, let us know by writing an email at: individuals@jordan.pl. We will contact you to arrange detail. 
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